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The Foodie Experience Continues…

I hate to talk about food, food, food…but here we are. More food. It almost seems silly to be giving you a blow, by blow, but if you knew how hard it is for us to find really good vegetarian food, it would be understandable what an EXPERIENCE this has been! But, really, It’s a little like food porn…

We had lunch at a little place called Cheryl’s on 12th. Well, brunch really. Yelp gave it 4 1/2 stars, so we were expecting good things, and we were not disappointed.

They started us with a little beignet (French Donut) that was light and delicious.


I ordered the eggs benedict with avocado instead of canadian bacon. Wow. Amazing.



Mr. Tattered had  french toast made with challah bread. I didn’t have any, but it sure looked good!


I suspect we may be going back tomorrow!

But as good as it was, it was not the highlight of our food consumption today.

For dinner, we went to a tiny little place place called Farm Spirit.


It is a vegan restaurant that cooks with only foods grown within 150 miles of its location, most of it much closer. The chef/owner was our host and artistic plater. It was fun watching him create his little masterpieces.


It is far from a traditional restaurant. Seating is at a long counter, with the food plating going on right in front of us, and is limited to 12 people per seating. Ours was the early seating, 12 courses. The later seating has 15-16 courses (we’re doing that next time!) Tickets had to be purchased in advance, and were non-refundable. When we made the arrangements, the first available seating was nearly a month out. It seemed crazy for a place to be THAT popular, so we were expecting good things.


For an additional charge, you could purchase wine pairings, and for the non-drinkers, house-made juice/kombucha. Since I’m particular about my wine, I chose the juice pairing, and a great choice it was – I experienced some new and unusual flavors that made me wonder why I ever have wine! Seriously, they were that good. Mr. Tattered had the wine pairing, and he enjoyed his, too!

So, 12 courses. This is how I LOVE to eat, just a couple of bites of many different things. Especially if it is really odd sounding stuff!

But the icing on the cake? Everything was presented in fun, trendy containers, and plated like little pieces of art!

1st up a dense seeded rye bread with with first press canola oil butter, paired with a Pear/juniper spritzer.


Next, just a bite – they were so cute – pickled green beans, dried shallots and filberts.


Then, served on a shale tile, a little bite of “massaged” kale wrapped around a filling of green strawberry and pepitas. This may have been my favorite of the evening.


4th course, a savory squash fritter and smoked walnut milk sauce.


Next, a fermented broth with filbert and herb stuffed turnip raviolis and minced apple. YUM!


Somewhere along the line, came new juices, apple/fennel shrub and chamomile kombucha.

I think we’re at 6th course now – half way – beets with hazelnut/fermented mushroom cream, huckleberry and watercress (our host said they picked it out of the yards in the neighborhood, and I don’t think he was kidding!)


7th, winter mushrooms and walnuts over abernaki porridge (surely everyone is familiar with abernaki porridge! Heeheehee! Wut?)


Next, kohlrabi soup with charred brussel sprout leaves, chestnuts and chives.


The 9th course (paired with a melon/thyme shrub) was poached and seared celeriac, principe borghese tomato preserve, onion sauce and shiso was my least favorite – a little strong  for my taste. It also won the “oddest presentation of the night award,” for the smallest serving on the largest plate.




And then, nebrodini mushrooms on sprouted faro with charred cabbage and brown mushroom sauce.


Before dessert, a cleansing raspberry kefir in the cutest little bottle – half the fun of this was the darling presentation! It was like food art!




The last “juice” was a ginger root beer to go with dessert, parsnip cake with parsnip cream and sweet huckleberry sauce. I know, it sounds totally weird, but it was delish.



This was unlike anything we’ve ever done before, and BOTH of us really enjoyed it. Mr. Tattered is the one who came up with brilliant idea… This man of mine is really starting to get to know me!







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