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I’m Lucky and I Know It

I hardly know where to start on this one.

You know how much I LOVE to travel. There are very few places in the world I WOULDN’T want to go (any?) and my list of places I hear about that I definitely want to go just keeps growing.

Fortunately, Mr. Tattered is not only willing to go along with most of my crazy ideas, but he does the vast majority of the work required to make each and every trip “the trip of a lifetime.”

I spent a few hours today sorting photos from the Italy leg of our 2014 trip. 1900+ photos of extreme wonderfulness. Fortunately, Costco did an EXCELLENT job (this time) of keeping the photos in consecutive order, something that doesn’t happen with every purchase. It made a job that could have taken weeks go by pretty quickly.


It will still be a big job getting them into albums, but this was the part I was dreading. I would much rather be doing the documenting than the planning!

While I was doing that, Mr. Tattered was going over the final plans for our fall trip to Africa and Amsterdam. He has spent hours and hours and hours researching tour companies, hotels, transportation options, and activities, and today was finally ready to make the reservations and make deposits.

There is so much to it, making sure we can get from place to place, finding places to stay, and deciding on activities. I would NEVER have the patience or the attention to detail to do it.

You may be wondering why Africa and Amsterdam! I know, it seems like an odd combination.

It’s not easy to get to Africa. No matter how you end up doing it, there are challenges.

We were in Amsterdam in 2014, and really liked it, hoping to get back someday. And as luck would have it, there are many flights from Amsterdam to Africa and back. So, it seemed like a good way to do both.

We’ll fly into Amsterdam and stay for a couple of days to acclimate to the time change. Then on the way back we’ll stay for another 4 days to get in some sight-seeing. Last time we couldn’t get in to the Anne Frank House because it books up a long time in advance, so we’ll go there, then I’d also like to go out into the countryside on a day tour to see the windmills. And of course there will be some maple waffles…I can STILL taste them!


But Africa is the main attraction and he’s come up with a spectacular itinerary, starting with a visit to Rwanda to go “gorilla-trekking” where we’ll see two different silver back gorilla families. From there we go to Tanzania where we’ll see some beautiful scenery along with the animals we’ve only seen on t.v and in the zoo. There will be numerous days spent out “on safari,” but with a little touch of luxury. Kinda like “glamping” in the wilds of Africa. It sounds amazing, and I have to tell you, of all the trips we’ve taken, this is the one I’m most looking forward to.

So, yeah. I’m a lucky girl, and I know it!


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