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Happy Memories

Sometimes good  ideas come from the oddest places.

I was watching a really lame t.v. show, and one of the characters said something deep – in order to keep himself moving forward in the face of adversity, he makes a happy memory every day. Every single day. Just one. No matter what.

What a great idea!

I’ve regularly done the “gratitude” thing, remembering to be grateful every single day.

But I can’t say I’ve ever thought of making a happy memory every day. I THINK it happens. But I honestly haven’t made a point of consciously thinking about it.

I’ve seen these jars people are doing where they write down a memory a week and put it in the jar to look back on at the end of the year, not 365 a year. That feels a little cumbersome.

Maybe just a note at the bottom of each page of my engagement planner? I found a new one this year with the art of Lisa Kaus (one of my favorite artists these days.) And to be honest, we’re two weeks into the new year and I haven’t even used it yet! This idea made me dig it out.

It’s so cute.


And there’s plenty of room for a memory a day.




This feels doable. It doesn’t require an artsy project that I KNOW I’ll never find the time for. It’s just remembering to jot down a little note each day. It’s possible the hardest part will be deciding which happy memory to write down!

I like it.


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  1. But you have SO many happy memories, and the ability to get them, too. I know your calendar will turn out so much better than mine does each month.


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