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Day #18 GBII – I Really DO Know Better

I make a conscience effort to stay off of Pinterest. I really do. I know what a time suck it is, and I know it only makes me spend time thinking about things I want, rather than encouraging me to enjoy what I have.

So why do I keep coming back to it?

Today, I think it’s because I need a distraction – something that will hold my attention, keep me from thinking about things I don’t want to think about, things that threaten my sense of well-being.

Lexi and I played school this morning. She should be at preschool, but she’s sick. Not “down” sick, but “contagious” sick, the kind where she has a lot of energy, but shouldn’t be out in the world. So, I was glad her “fridge phonics” arrived – something new to hold her interest. You put a letter in the base, and press it, then it says what the letter is and what it says.




She really likes it. And she liked doing it with me, for awhile. Then she informed me, “I can do it myself. You should go do something else.” Okay. Pretty clear. (She’s not even three, yet.)

So I worked on my knitting for awhile, but my mind kept wandering back to the stuff I didn’t want to think about. I needed to be more engaged. So, I checked back in with Lexi. She was ready to move onto writing her letters in her erasable workbook, another activity I was invited not to participate in.


So. A couple of games of solitaire later, and I found myself typing into the address bar. I know better. Really, I do.

Who knew it was TRAVEL DAY on Pinterest?












I KNEW this was a bad idea (as I begin packing in my mind…)

Lexi? Will you play with me? No, Gaga, I’m reading. Can I read to you? No, I’m reading to myself…

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  1. Tee hee. Now you know why I’m not on it. Seems you checked in at just the right time, though.

    • It can be a great source for inspiration, but when you have too much inspiration already it can be a problem. I did enjoy the travel quotes, but it just made me antsy to hit the high seas again!

  2. It’s conscious effort, but I hear ya. Distractions are valuable right now, and the quotes on P can be very inspiring and affirming.
    By the way, is there a Grandmother of the Year award? No one else need apply.


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