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Day #17 GBII – Do You Yeti?

I don’t normally like products enough to do blog posts on them, but this is one I LOVE, and want to share.

By way of background, let me tell you a little bit about my drinking habits.

Whether we’re talking about water, coffee, and yes, even alcohol, I’m a sipper, not a guzzler. In the course of drinking a cup of coffee, I may stick it in the microwave 3 times, because it’s cooled off too much. For ice water, it’s just as bad. I’ll add ice to my jug numerous times.

I’ve tried metal coffee mugs, and insulated jugs for my ice water, but nothing seem to work really well. The coffee cools off so I have to put it in a mug to microwave it, and the ice melts too fast (and causes condensation) in uninsulated mugs, and even the insulated ones don’t keep the ice long enough to suit me.

Enter Yeti products.

They are practically a miracle.

They are made with kitchen grade stainless steel, have double wall insulation, and have a “no sweat” design that makes it so you don’t feel the heat or the cold for the outside.

Now, when I make a tumbler of ice water, the ice will stay all day, yes, literally ALL DAY. Or ALL NIGHT. I like to keep water next to the bed at night, and it stays icy cold all night. And my coffee? It stays hot for hours, not minutes. And I don’t even need to preheat the container.

Yeti cups are not cheap, but they are so worth the money.

And there ARE off-brand imitations (Ozark Mountains is one I can vouch for) but they don’t have any of the cool accessories that make the containers even more useful.

You can get handles,


and a lid with a straw (my favorite!)


Fortunately, the accessories fit the off-brand varieties.

AND, if you are a beer or wine kinda girl (or guy) they’ve even come up with a set up for keeping them cold!





So, yeah, I Yeti! And if you don’t (yet! Heeheehee!) I hope you’ll give it a try!


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