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Day #16 GBII – Sorting Photos

This is NOT my favorite part of recording memories.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE taking the photos, and doing the layouts, but getting a gazillion photos sorted is NOT fun. Slight exaggeration – it’s really only 1938 give or take a few…


I sit here with a bunch of boxes in front of me, not knowing HOW out of order the photos are, and dreading the very idea of going photo by photos and comparing them to the computer images…


But this time I got REALLY lucky! The photos are pretty close to being in perfect reverse order. So it’s just a matter of confirming none are missing, and putting them in the box.

However, I quickly realized I’d taken WAAAAAAAAAY too many.

After a couple of hours of going through them, these photos cover a travel day, plus 2 full days of the fourteen day visit to Italy, which we started in Rome. What a project I have ahead of me!


The couple of days it will take to get the photos sorted by days, then by venue, will be nothing compared to the time it will take to get them all in the albums. Even if I follow my quick template and don’t try to get too creative, it’s going to take weeks and weeks. I really need to rethink keeping this many pictures.




But then I start looking at them, and I have no idea where to start thinning them out. If I’m going to have any chance of reducing the number I need to put in albums, I’m going to have to just start at the source and not take so many!

Trouble is, I’m behind a whole bunch of trips, where I’ve done the same thing – click, click, click! Heeheehee!


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  1. Why on earth do you need them printed out an in albums? I’d do a booksmart album.

    • Once a scrapbooker? The thought has crossed my mind, but I LOVE my albums, and truthfully, I love making them. And how in the world do you do a book of 1900+ photos? Or decide how to do it with many, many less? I don’t know…

  2. I have a tendency to take too many photos, but thankfully now mine are all digital only. take yesterday’s Second Thursday tutorial. I took almost 40 photos, and many of them were exactly the same. I have click, click fever, I guess. Of course, back when I was traveling a lot, it was nothing to take over 2000 photos for a single trip. So I can empathize.

  3. Easy. Go through the whole lot (don’t try to organise yet) and throw out (with a bin next to you) every single one that is blurry, an almost duplicate, boring, unrecogniseable or plain stupid. That should get rid of some!!
    Next Try the same method as in my blog for organising family photos: but with location instead of family. Your photos are a wonderful guide to your life, hope you had a happy time!!


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