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Day #13 GBII – Celebrating the Little Things

I have to call today a surprisingly successful day.

Before I even had my coffee, I put a bunch of the large Christmas decorations up into the overhead storage in the garage. That leaves just a few smaller boxes that need to stay down until the Valentine tree goes away. And, a task crossed off the to do list!

The horrific storm we were supposed to get hasn’t materialized, so I took a quick trip into town to get a darning needle and crochet hook so I could finish up a couple of scarves.

I finished the fringe on Lexi’s scarf using the crochet hook, and was able to cross one line off the project list.


Then I secured the tail on Mr. Tattered’s scarf with the darning needle. He’s been wearing it since Christmas with a string hanging down! Woohoo! Another project crossed off!


While I was looking through the knitting bag I haven’t had out in a couple of years, I found an unfinished scarf – the camo one I was making for Josh that I thought I’s finished a long, long time ago. Uh-oh! I wondered why he never wore it. Well, duh!


It’s now been added to the project list.

I also made some progress on Bea’s scarf. I love the color, but the photo really doesn’t do it justice. She’s a lavender/purple girl, and this yarn goes from light to dark and back again!


This last photo is of the “fabric yarn” I want to try for Hannah. I’ve heard it’s a little harder to work with than regular stretchy yarn, but I’m anxious to try something a little different. I love the colors!



I don’t even remember why the knitting got put away when it did. Having something to do with my hands other than being on the computer is good for my mental health!

THEN, I went to Yoga this afternoon! My daughter dragged me there practically kicking and screaming (thank you Andra!) but I could have refused, so I have to give myself a teeny pat on the back.

In the grand scheme of things it wasn’t a HUGE amount of progress, but I’m using my lists, and I’ve blogged now 13 days in a row…I’m celebrating the little things.


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