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Day #12 GBII – Back to the Lists

Doesn’t seem like very long ago that I made a big production about getting back to using lists to help motivate me to be more productive. Well, it worked for a few days, then I let it slide. Again.

But, I don’t give up easily, so I’m taking another run at it. This morning I refreshed my lists, and I’m going to try again.

I used to get a real feeling of accomplishment when I looked at a list with a bunch of crossed off items on it. I remember the feeling well, and I want to experience it again.

So when I woke up this morning, I got my new “to do” list started, and wanted to get something crossed of right away.


The Christmas tree I was supposed to put away LAST weekend was still up, with just the lights on it. Getting the lights off and the the tree put away are my least favorite jobs of the season, so I figured I’d start there. At least get the lights off, then re-evaluate.

Once they were off, I ran a highlighter through it on the list, and I was on a roll.



Normally, I don’t do such a messy job, but this will be the last year for these strings, so I just threw them in a pile to go out to the trash. This was their third year, and I didn’t trust them to last another whole season. Plus, this year I finally found warm white LED lights, so I bought them to store until next year, when I’ll start out fresh.



Next up was getting the tree taken apart and put back in its bag. I gave myself a little bit of a scare when I thought I broke the zipper (I had visions of mice crawling into the bag and setting up shop) so I worked on it a bit, and got it fixed. Whew! Disaster averted.


From there I put the bench that goes where the tree was back in place,


and put the every day tablescape back together.

Then I pulled out a needle and thread and did a repair job for Bea that just came home with me last night. She’s going to be shocked that I did it so fast!

By then I was ready to take break, and started a list for projects that I need to get finished. It’s a pretty daunting list, even for just going off the top of my head, and some of them are things will take quite awhile, but I need to start somewhere.

It’ll be weeks before I am able to declare victory, but I got off to a good start. And for me these days, even a little bit of success is worthy of celebration.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. First you should write down all the things you did the day before so you can immediately cross them off the list.


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