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Day #11 GBII – Battoning Down The Hatches

By looking at the gorgeous sky today, you’d never know that there is a “once in a decade” storm looming out over the Pacific.




We’ve been told to expect 3-5 inches of rain from Saturday afternoon through Monday – a lot for us. Since we’ve just come off of several days of rain, our heavy clay soil is already full, and the new rains may well lead to widespread flooding, even in areas that don’t normally flood. Fortunately, we’re pretty high up the hill, so we should be okay if we don’t blow away!

I’m not going to complain. This drought has been rough, and if we can get our lakes filled back up, it will a GREAT thing! And it will all run down the driveway, so there’s that!

I’ve used the day today to go to the grocery store and make sure I have what I need for my weekend projects.

Tomorrow morning I’ll bring in chair covers and cushions and lay down the stuff that is prone to blowing over in the wind.

Then we’ll plan on spending the rest of the weekend snug as a a couple of bugs in a rug, and hopefully I’ll be doing lots of crafting of some sort, while we listen to the liquid gold pouring out of the heavens! If I get REALLY motivated, I may even get some cleaning done (okay, even I am thinking that’s a non-starter! heeheehee!) Sometimes the yuckiest days outside lead to the most productive inside! One way or the other – productive or slug – I don’t want to leave the house unless I have no other choice!

***a note on the scarf front: My daughter informed me she is NOT scarfed out, and although she doesn’t want to take scarves away from homeless people, she’d like a couple more! I think I can arrange that!

***and a note on the “completing projects” front, a friend suggested setting a fake deadline, and I thought that would be worth a try. So, Fake deadline #1 – finish Lexi’s scarf by Sunday night. Heeheehee! It’s done except for the fringe, so that should be doable! Baby steps, right?

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