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Day #9 GBII – Working On My PhD

Working on my PhD…Don’t I wish it was a degree in something!


I’m so laughing, because this has been at the top of my yearly list for the last 4 years, AT LEAST!

One of these years I’ll actually DO IT!

I’ve gotten a little better at completing projects once I start them. No, really, I HAVE! It’s been some time now, like maybe a whole year, since I started a new project and didn’t finish it. (That doesn’t count buying the supplies and never starting it!) But I’ve finished all…well, I guess I haven’t finished the mosaic monograms yet. Or the London Album.

Okay, never mind. I’ve gotten a tiny bit better, but it’s still a major issue. I don’t finish an awful lot of projects before they are tossed into the pile of unfinished projects. Not that the mosaics are on that pile – they still have a really good chance of getting completed. Eventually.

I used to have a staff to finish up my brilliant ideas, but now I’m on my own, and that’s rarely a good thing. I have such enthusiasm when I start out, but something happens to get me off course – a hurdle I can’t easily get past, or another idea pops up that seems like even more fun, or a sparkly whatever that captures my imagination. Next thing I know I’m off in another direction, and the poor whatever-it-was gets buried.

I’ve tried every technique I can think of to make me stop doing that, for example setting rules I break (like I can’t buy the components for another project until the one I’m working on has been completed.) Yeah, I laughed at that one, too.

The bottom line is that I need adult supervision, and that sure isn’t going to happen.

So what am I going to do about me?

Surely I can’t be the only one out there with this problem? Do you guys have any suggestions? Any games you play with yourselves to get projects completed?

I REALLY want to work on this flaw in my personality, but I don’t know where to start.


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. My art budget is so small, Janet, I must finish what I start. But my weakness is fabric. I buy it, stroke it, put it away and forget about it. If I had a good storage area for it, I would be forced to look at it. Maybe you need to see those project, and instead of burying them with something new, have them lurking front and center until you get so tired of looking at them, you either donate the art and supplies to your local school or scouts, or finish them.

    When I first “met” you, you were working on four sets of art cards made from playing cards. You got those finished just in time. Could a forced deadline keep you on track?


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