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Day #7 GbII – Participating Away

Day #7 GbII – Participating Away

So. Here we are already two days into the year. It feels like another one is going to fly by.

I’m off to a pretty good start on my OLW for the year. Participating away, so to speak!

I’m almost wondering if “produce” might have been a better word, but it brings up a connotation of having to have something tangible to show for my time, and with participate I can get production AND just being there, more involved in my physical life…does that make sense?

Christmas is almost put away. Everything is packed up and put away with the exception of the main tree. It is still standing nekked except for its lights. I don’t know why I’m dragging my feet on this last part – maybe because it’s the biggest pain. My goal is to get the lights off of it tonight, and put away tomorrow.

The chicken/rooster display on the top of the entertainment center is up, and my thought that the new wooden cap would make it easier to decorate was correct. I sure wish I had done it years ago! With just a little effort, I think I could even get a little more up there. Just kidding (okay, I’m not kidding, but I think there is an agreement in place that I won’t add any more chickens to the house, so I may need to pull a few off the tops of the kitchen cabinets and replace them with something else. I’m pretty sure I didn’t say I wouldn’t bring in any more cows or sheep, or pigs, or cool pitchers, or…you get my drift!) Part of me knows this infatuation with “stuff” needs to end, but I can’t quite get there!






The Valentine display above the library cabinet is up, but it still needs a few things (See? I can’t help it!) I’ve been surprised that the few little remaining stores I count on for my treasures haven’t put Valentine’s Day stuff out yet. I have to keep telling myself to be patient, it’s a journey, and if my displays are ever actually COMPLETE what will I do with myself? Besides, it won’t hurt to back off a bit and replenish the coffers.


3 of the 4 Lori Mitchell Valentine figurines I ordered weeks ago have arrived, and they are in a little “tablescape” on the entryway table. I can’t even remember what the 4th one looks like! This display still needs a little help, as well. Heeheehee!


Just since yesterday I’ve finished Mr. Tattered’s scarf, and gotten about halfway done with Lexi’s (amazing how much more quickly little ones go!) I found a yarn I think Bea will love, so I’ve got another to start as soon as I finish Lexi’s.

I’m trying to keep easy projects at the ready in an effort to keep from wasting so much time on social media. I’m thinking if I keep my hands busy, I’ll succumb less frequently, AND have something of value to show for the time! Not that I HAVE to have something tangible…see how I make myself crazy?

Are you doing “a word” this year? Have you selected it, and are you working it?


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