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Day #3 GBII – I Need To Say Goodbye, But I Don’t Want to!

Day #3 GBII – I Need To Say Goodbye, But I Don’t Want to!

In case you didn’t see yesterday’s post, GBII stands for “getting back into it,” a reference to getting serious about my blog again, and the 21 days it will take to get back into the habit. So, this is day 3 of 21 of GBII.

And saying goodbye? That’s to Christmas. I’m not tired of the decorations yet, and would love to keep them up, but it’s going to take DAYS to get it all down and put away, so I’m thinking I should get started. It’s not all going to happen on January 1st, like it used to before I had SO. MUCH. DECOR.

I think I’ll take you on a little tour before I tear it all down, since I didn’t do it when it was going up.

The tree itself is my very favorite work of art.




There are layers and layers of fun things, starting with a gazillion lights (2 different kinds.) Next year I’m starting fresh with warm white LEDs (I’ve been waiting patiently for those to come out because the cool whites are just too stark for my taste.) Yes, I’m anal. I admit it. It comes from 20 years of owning a gift shop, I think!

Next up, the Santa collection on the entertainment center. The furniture has a recessed top, so when I display, it’s a mess stacking wood chunks for lifters and balancing everything – a real pain. So this year I invested some time and effort into getting a couple of 2x10x10s, painting them black, and adding them to the top of the unit to make a solid top for display. Best idea ever. It made it sooooooo much easier!


I have snowmen in 2 places, on top of another display case and on the front porch. This year I added a tall snowman, and some cool metal snowflakes. It’s still not where I want it to be, but I keep telling myself, it’s a journey.







The shabby chic tree got a few more additions this year, but the top angel display is pretty much the same.





COMPLETELY new this year is the travel tree. My travel wall has made enough progress that I decided to add a tree for all the ornaments we collect from the places we go – they’ve always been on the main tree, but they kind of get lost in there. Now they are right out where we can see them easily. I love this area. We have so much fun on our trips, and it is great to think about how fortunate we are to have seen all that we have every day.

The tree still needs some more fancies, but it’s off to a good start!






The kids tree moved into the gathering room this year. Hannah and Josh aren’t terribly fond of it anymore, but Bea still loves it, and Lexi can’t believe she can move the ornaments around without getting in trouble!


The gingerbread set-up is in the kitchen. Fortunately there isn’t enough room for a whole tree, because I’m certain I could fill it in no time, but I limit myself to a few special pieces that fit on the counter.


There are a few other treasures here and there, as well.







And, of course, Christmas would not be complete without the kiddle’s advent boxes.


I know, I go a little crazy, but I miss my store so much, even after 10 years, and this is a portion of my therapy. As crazy as it makes Mr. Tattered, even he has to admit it’s really festive.


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  1. I intended to stop by yesterday, but I was having a bit of a problem with my new computer. So glad you are posting again. I was thrilled to read about the painted lumber you used to cover the recessed area of your cabinets. I put old magazines in mine when I first moved into my home. Never thought to buy lumber. That was a smart move.

    Hope to visit again before the new year, too.


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