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Day #2 GBII – Like I need a New Obsession


Don’t bother looking in the Urban Dictionary, I made it up! It stands for “getting back into it.”

If I’m going to continue to blog, I need to re-form the habit, and that starts with 21 consecutive days of repeating the desired behavior. This is day #2. I know, it seems kinda grade school-ish, but I need either adult supervision, or a system to self- monitor. Since none of the adults in my life care whether I continue or not, (and at least one – not naming any names here – would probably vote for not) it’s on me.

So, day #2, I’d like to introduce you to my new obsession – Lori Michaels folk art figures. Her work isn’t new to me, I already own a few pieces, but all of a sudden I need more. Get that? NEED!

I can’t remember for sure which one was my first, but I suspect it may have been this Santa.

I think that the bridal couple may be my favorite.


I keep them in my hutch on top of my wedding album and displayed with our toasting glasses (as tacky as they seem now!) and cake knife. I think they look sweet.

Last year I found some little darlings that reminded me of my grandchildren, so I picked up one for each and I incorporate them in my Christmas decor.


Hannah is holding the nutcracker, which is perfect, because she has dark hair and loves nutcrackers. Bea is the blond, also fitting with her stuffed teddy – she loves her stuffies. Then there’s Lexi with her hair covered (which is also fitting because it is taking forever to grow!) and then Josh. I have no idea how he ended up being a reindeer, except that it makes me smile, and so does he!

Then I had the brilliant idea of searching the internet for her work to see if there were figures available for the seasons or other holidays, and woohoo! There are. And, then I gave my paypal account a workout ordering more!

I think I was 6 figurines (maybe 7?) into the orgy of spending before I managed to rein myself in!

Now I have the four kids in Valentine get-ups, and two in Halloween suits ordered, and plans for more! Heeheehee! I think she has an actual Nativity set, as well, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to need it! Oh, and there are several different Santas, and some snowmen, and ooooh, ooooh, ooooh, the cutest kids in their swim suits for summer!

This is going to be soooooooo fun!


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