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When Life Gets In The Way of Your Blog…

When Life Gets In The Way of Your Blog…

I know, silly, huh? But it IS!

And all I can do is laugh!

I LOVE blogging. I really do. I love photography, I love documenting what’s going on in my life, I love to write, I love sharing what limited insight I have into life, I love sharing my art… Throw them altogether and you have a blog! Right?

But what happens when you’re so busy living, you have no time (or maybe energy?) to document?

Your blog suffers, that’s what!

I appreciate y’all hanging in there with me.

So, I’ve set a new record (or hit a new low, depending on how you look at it.) This is the longest number of days I’ve EVER gone without posting to my blog.

I think about you all frequently, and sometimes I even think, gee, that would make a great post, but somehow it just doesn’t get done.

Last we met, I’d returned from Rancho La Puerta, basking in the glory of what I’d hoped would be a new outlook on myself and the world, but alas, it was not to be. Seven days is not long enough to establish habits, and before long, I’d gone back to my old ways – not taking enough time to nourish my soul, over-booking my time, eating inappropriately, not getting enough sleep… all those nasty little habits that really are self-inflicted wounds, back to the forefront.

I was disappointed in myself. But it was easier to avoid thinking about what I was doing if I wasn’t being introspective like I am when I’m blogging. No blog, no personal analysis. And besides, I was really busy, or so I told myself.

Then came preparations for our trip to Cuba, followed by the trip and scads of material for blog posts, but my computer was on photo overload, so until I got some of the older ones off, I couldn’t put more on. I let myself get stuck with the notion that I just couldn’t move on. Documenting the trip HAD to be next thing I posted about (I think it was a game I was playing with myself to get me to work on the photo issue, but it obviously didn’t work!)

Then came my total immersion in the elections, the subsequent depression, then Christmas. It’s been one thing after another, and before I knew it, months of inactivity here.

Now the question is, do I get back into it, or let it die a natural death?

I know the answer.  So. Back to it – starting with what my friend calls a “peace break” from the ranch.




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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Well thank goodness you decided pro-blog! I’ve been on a bit of a break too and it feels good to be back again, though I am less committed for some reason. I don’t really know if anyone is out there reading. My attention has been scattered too and I hope to be able to keep up with my Mon/Thurs posting schedule. Who knows. 🙂

  2. Hey, Miss Naomi! I think the thing I miss the most is all my blog friends! I’ve fallen behind in reading, as well as blogging… I’m hoping this 21 day commitment will be enough to get me back in the swing! I’m telling myself that even if no one is reading, making the books is kind of a quick way documenting at least SOME of my life, since I’m so woefully behind on my scrapbooking, too!


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