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Homemade Tortillas

One of the many things I learned at Rancho La Puerta is that I LOVE homemade corn tortillas!

So, how to get them at home? Well, make them myself, of course!

I did a little internet research and determined that I needed a tortilla press. I really didn’t want to run around town looking for them, so I hit Amazon. After reading lots of reviews, including some great tips for making tortillas, the order for the press was placed (and courtesy of Amazon Prime, it came with free next day delivery) along with a box of Bob’s Mills masa harina and a recipe.

Tada! The next day I had everything I needed.



First up, make the dough according to package instructions. Super easy:

2 cups of masa harina

1/4 tsp. salt

1 1/2 – 2 cups hot water

Mix it all up, and let rest for 1 hour.


Then make little 2 inch balls of dough, to put on the press. One little trick I read was to cover the press with sheets of plastic wrap before pressing the dough.


Oh, and don’t put the ball on the exact middle of the press. Put it back just a little, so that when the press is squeezed shut, the dough will be more evenly dispersed. When you open the press, peel the plastic off one side of the tortilla, then the other. DON’T pull the tortilla off the plastic or it will just fall apart.

Then cook them on a cast iron griddle, or skillet for just a minute or two on each side.


Before you know it, you have a lovely basket of delicious tortillas! It’s super easy and they are delicious!


A few home made pinto beans, a little pico de gallo…Yum.

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