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Through a Tattered Lens – Rancho La Puerta

I ALMOST didn’t take my big camera with me to Rancho La Puerta. It’s a lot to lug around, and, to be honest, I just didn’t think there would be all that much for me to photograph. But Andra’s friend and co-worker (who told us about the ranch) said there are sometimes photography classes, so I went ahead and packed it. Reluctantly.

So much for my preconceived ideas! Turns out there were no photography classes, but TONS to photograph. I was VERY glad I reconsidered.

One of the more interesting (at least to me!) things that noticed was that I tend to look for perfection to document, so I forced myself to SEE and photograph imperfect things, like flowers with bug bites on the petals, or wilted blossoms… After all, none of us are perfect, but we deserve to be noticed and our lives documented, right?









As usual, I photographed some off the wall stuff. And in the spirit of being in the moment and doing a lot of reflecting, I noticed even more than usual – the way the light falls on the same object at different times of day, shadows falling on sidewalks, the sun through the trees, looking at things from different vantage points.

So, I hope you enjoy my little stroll around the grounds and a few of my favorite photos.














Love how the camera picked up the water droplets from the sprinklers!





LOTS of pics of the sun through the trees, to the point of obsession. Who? Me?







…and my favorite…


My last photo isn’t so much a tattered one, as a sad one…the last bowl of Mexican mangoes. They have to be dipped in boiling water before they come into the United States, and it just KILLS the flavor. Man they were good!


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