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Inspiration Everywhere!

The trip to Rancho La Puerta was so much more than I bargained for.

I knew we would be concentrating on exercise and eating well, but I had no idea that I would be surrounded by inspiration, or that it would make itself known in many different forms.

I enjoyed the chalkboard signs with sayings that changed every day.




I got to the point where I was making a concentrated effort to walk by the signs everyday.

And the mosaics were a feast for my eyes – exceptional…








Just what I needed, a fascination with an even MORE eclectic way of doing mosaics. Now I want to start doing some work in clay, as well!

There was actually an opportunity to sculpt, but I chickened out. Oh, and you couldn’t bring the clay across the border, so I would have had to pay $400 to have my sculpture bronzed, and I wasn’t prepared to do that on a maiden voyage. BUT, when I saw how great all the sculptures were, I wished I had. Next time!

And then there was Jennifer, the resident artist.

We signed up for two art classes she was teaching, an introduction to watercolors and jewelry making. Yes, WE! Andra, who doesn’t think she has a creative bone in her body, signed up with me, and we had a blast!


Jennifer has such a casual, philosophical way about her. I’m pretty sure she has forever changed the way I think about my art.

One afternoon she did a painting demonstration outside her studio and I was the only one who showed up. So we walked around and chatted while she looked at the light and figured out what she wanted to paint. Then she showed me her process from start to finish, asking for my critiques along the way, and actually incorporated my suggestions. By the time the painting was finished, I felt a part of it and couldn’t stand to have it live with someone else. So I bought it! Heeheehee! And now it lives with me as a reminder of a great afternoon! We parted with hugs, and she said “I am loathe to let you go home…” How’s that for making a person feel important?






We finished up our artistic endeavors by making a prayer arrow – fun, and another great reminder to stay focused on the important things.





We even took a cooking class! Talk about creative! Whoever heard of hibiscus flower enchiladas? They were excellent!


I don’t know what made it all so special, the atmosphere, the people, or maybe that I was sharing something so dear to my heart with my precious daughter.

What a week!



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