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I Disappeared Again!

Yep, I did. I just vanished.

And once again, it means I went out gallivanting! Only this time, instead of a sight-seeing adventure with Mr. Tattered, I spent a week at a spa with my daughter. Can you believe that?

She turned 40 today, and wanted to go to a spa in Mexico that a friend had told her about to celebrate. And she invited her mommy to go with her. I can’t tell you how special that makes me feel.

Rancho La Puerta is a spa that specializes in healthy living. They have classes in things to nourish the WHOLE body, as well as mind and spirit, and we nourished like crazy!

It’s going to take more than one post to give you anything close to the flavor of the place. I think I’ll start with the aesthetics – it is such a beautiful setting. Then I’ll work into what I learned from the experience.

So join me on a quick tour…


Entrance to the Administration building


Dining Hall


One of three pools, this one at the Villas near our room.


One of several fountains on the grounds


Gorgeous buildings


Lots of sculptures on the grounds


This one was my favorite


Trees and flowers around the buildings


The vineyard


Our little casita for the week


Main Lounge


Alex’s Oak on the hill

That is but a small sample of the grounds. You get the picture, though, right? It was an amazing backdrop for an incredible experience.

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