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Pig Sacrifice

Oh, come on! You know me better than that! I’d NEVER sacrifice a REAL pig!

But I did kill a pig, sorta.

I’m working on Bea’s mosaic letter “B.” She’s a purple/lavender girl, and when I told her I’d make her a “B” I wasn’t thinking about how hard it was going to be to find lavender ceramics to break up. Can you believe NO ONE uses lavender dinner plates? Heeheehee! I knew I would have to use some other pastels, but I thought I’d be able to find SOMETHING lavender.

Once upon a time I had planned to make a design using vintage pottery (way before I actually had started doing mosaics,) and I had some pink “pre-cut” chips for that I redirected for this project, and a few commercial tiles I found at Michael’s. But even with adding beads, I still didn’t have nearly enough variety to complete the letter.

I searched everywhere I could think of over the space of many months. I was looking for mugs, or bathroom ceramics, or decorative pieces for a little girl’s room…anything I could smash, and was coming up completely empty.

Then today I stumbled onto a big lavender piggy bank at Home Goods.


It’s perfect!

I kinda hate to destroy a perfectly good piggy bank, but it’s for the greater good!




Yep, he’s dead (at least as a piggy bank) but he’ll live on as part of a beautiful mosaic!


I found a few more little treasures to add to the piggy tiles.


But laying it all out, I see that I need to find a little more pink and white to add to it.

I hope I’m back in the groove!


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  1. Beautiful! Cx

  2. Hi!

    I subscribed to your blog a while ago and am rather enjoying it. I wondered if you’d like to look at mine. I’m a 62 year old artist and writer and renaissance soul and I’ve recovered from depression and anxiety after 30 years. I’m now making up for lost time. I think I’m doing ok…

    Jo UK


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