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Updates, Updates, Updates…

I feel like I have been involved in a FLURRY of activity lately! SO much going on, and I haven’t been taking the time to write it all down.

So, I’m going to lump them all together in one post and start fresh.

Where to start, where to start?

I guess, let’s start with Africa.

Remember when I was so excited about doing the leg work for finding a tour? Shortly thereafter there was a terrorist incident down there, and Mr. Tattered decided that kind of risk wasn’t for him. I was despondent, but it is what it is. He suggested I go alone, if I wanted, but we’re a team. I don’t have as much fun on an afternoon outing from the cruise ship if he sits it out, so a whole vacation didn’t seem like a good idea.

So, we opted to go to China instead, and began making plans. Then the Universe stepped in, and guess what? We’re GOING TO AFRICA!!!

Our daughter’s supervisor just got back from a trip to Tanzania, and he met with Mr. Tattered to talk to him about it and was able to calm his fears.

So, after many more hours of research, and the help of a fabulous tour operator, we have put together a custom tour that involves 2 days of trekking to see the the Silver Back Gorillas in Rwanda, and eight days of Safari in Tanzania. I am pee-my-pants excited!


Then as if the trip couldn’t get any better, it looks like we’re going to add on a few days in Amsterdam on each side of the time in Africa. It isn’t going to be until Fall of 2017, but the way time flies around here, it may as well be next month!

Then – Mosaics!

I have two more completed in addition to mine. It took me forever to get them completed, but now both my daughter and daughter-in-law have theirs on the wall. Meegan’s is part of an existing display…






but Andra’s is all alone. We haven’t figured out what to put with it yet.



Her area is much smaller, but I’m thinking a cute little occasional table and possibly even a shelf might be nice.

Next up, the “H” for Hannah, and the “B” for Bea. I haven’t done anything to them since the last photo, but to refresh your memory…




When those are done, I’ll do the “J” for Josh and the “A” for Alexis, then the last one that I’m not talking about because the person who is getting it doesn’t know about it, and I want it to be a surprise. THEN, I’ll allow myself to start on some pots for the garden that some day will be put back into some kind of order.

What else?

Oh, yeah. Yoga. I FINALLY went back. Well, one visit anyway. As I always do when I take a break from it, I drug my feet about going. I don’t know why I do that. I LOVE it. I really do. It feels incredible, and I have no idea WHY I make such an issue out of it. My daughter invited me to go last Sunday, and I actually had a fight or flight response – just panicked! What is UP with that? Anyway, I didn’t go, and it took me until today to make myself do it. After trying with all my might to come up with an excuse why I couldn’t. And, as usual, I LOVED it. I feel so good! And I’m doing another juice only day, so I’m feeling SPECTACULAR today.

Other Travel –

We got the trip info for our Cuba trip in late October, so we’ve been studying up on what we need to take, and what we need to do before we go. Tomorrow we get our typhoid vaccination (which will be good for Africa, as well) and we’ve gotten a supply of mosquito repellant – Zika outbreak in Cuba – of course. If it isn’t terrorists, it’s diseases… But, we’re going anyway.

Scrapbooking –

I got all the pictures from the Alaska 2013 trip into albums. They are still waiting for their embellishments, but I feel good that at least the photos are in. Now I’m negotiating with myself about whether or not I get to play with my new toy since it was supposed to be my reward for doing the albums, but I never specified what “doing” them actually meant. If I’m being completely ethical, I should wait, but do I HAVE to be completely ethical with my own self? I’m torn. Ethics are what you do when no one is looking. Damn. I guess I need to wait.

I guess the last major thing pending is getting the house put back together after getting new carpeting in the great room. There are still piles in the guest bedroom and hallway waiting to be sorted through and put away. I got all the DVDs in an album instead of the individual cases, so they’ll take up much less room, but there is still so much to do. Heck, the suitcases still aren’t emptied out from our summer trip to Bend! Heeheehee!

And I need to check in on my “phrase” for the year – “walk the path of your heart.” That will need to be a post of its own.

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