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It’s Called a Cleanse…

…but I’m trying to make it a way of life.

If you follow me regularly, you’ll know my daughter and daughter in law roped me into doing a cleanse with them. Not a crazy one, just eating in a way that gives the cleansing organs in the body a little break. No meat (not a problem since I’m vegetarian) no dairy (I’m ALMOST vegan, so not a big deal either) no processed food (a little more difficult because I love my protein bars, but I can do it for a week) no sugar (not too difficult) no alcohol (easy) and NO CAFFEINE. That one is pretty much impossible, but since there is no way I’m giving up caffeine, I figure I’ll just cut back a little and call it good.

There was also a concoction of cranberry juice, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and water to drink during the day. I like the taste, so easy, peasy.


The only part I thought would be really hard was a one day juice fast. I LIKE juice, but I don’t love it. And I like to crunch, so this one day stood to be the worst part.

Well it turned out to be pretty good!

The daughter works near a “juice store” that does their own cold press juices every day. She got an assortment of them for us.


Aren’t they pretty?


And the packaging is darling!

But, looking pretty and darling packaging aren’t really the issue though, huh?

She selected for us a beet, carrot, greens, and fruit. Well, turns out they were as delicious as they are pretty!

So Friday was our juice day. I missed the crunching, and there was a point where I was ready to eat the paint off the walls, but by evening I was good. I wasn’t starving.

Saturday came and went, eating lightly, then today I realized I MISSED my juice. And I FEEL good. Hmmm.

Imagine my surprise!

So, where do I go from here? I missed my protein bar, so I’ll probably add that back in. But eating much more lightly. And maybe a juice a day, and one day a week of juice only?

Now, I’m not committing to anything (you know how terrible I am at commitments!) but this feels like a plan that I could live with on a day to day basis, then eat more normally while we’re on our trips, and back to this way MOST of the time.

Now if I could just get my sorry butt to Yoga.


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. Happy to hear you made it through your juice day. A juicer next????

    • I’ve got one, but I can’t seem to get the consistency or the taste right. So for now, I’m going to pay the freight and let them do it for me. If I get ambitious one of these days I may try again. Even as I say that I’m laughing. I know I won’t, as long as there is another alternative! Heeheehee!

  2. Yes, get your sorry butt to yoga! XO


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