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As If I Don’t Have Enough On My Plate…

Seriously. I need to be at least three people.

For those of you who know me well, this comes as no big surprise. For about the gazzillionth post, I’m trying to live three people’s lives all at once. I can’t help myself. I just don’t feel like I have enough of a lifetime left to do all that I want/need to do!

As I struggle with balance, one of the overriding issues I can’t seem to get on top of is my weight loss (or lack thereof…)

In order to lose weight, I need to focus the majority of my energy on it, and I just CAN’T. SEEM. TO. DO. IT.

My daughter and daughter-in-law are TRYING to help me. They’ve been doing a cleanse, and have encouraged me to join in. It’s really not all that challenging (except that when I tell myself I can’t have something – even though I haven’t really wanted it before – I fixate on it.)

Today it was Nutella, one of the evilest creations known to man, ever. I don’t EVER crave Nutella. And I know better than to ever have a tiny little bite, because one bite leads to another, and before I know it, I could suck down a whole giant jar. I just don’t do it. No big. So NOW, just because I’m trying to dedicate myself to getting some of the blubber off, I’m obsessing.


But let’s concentrate on the positive.

This particular cleanse is easy. It’s not a juice fast, or terribly limiting in any way. You drink a concoction of unsweetened cranberry juice, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and water throughout the day. I happen to love the taste, so easy, peasy.


Then it’s a matter of eating cleanly, which I do already, and staying away from processed food (which is a bit more of an issue, in that I LOVE protein bars and they will have to go.)

Here’s my lunch. And I have to confess, I LOVE it.


The only part I will not be able to do is give up coffee. I will NEVER do it for good, so going through the pain of withdrawal when I KNOW I’ll be going back to drinking it, just doesn’t make any sense. So I’m going to keep drinking it. We all need SOME small amount of vice. This is mine. I can do without the alcohol. I can do without the sweets. I can’t do without coffee.

Cheese will be an issue as well, but I’m doing my very best to switch to nut-based substitutes. They have improved SO MUCH. They aren’t low calorie, so I’ll need to be careful with them, but at least they are “healthy” fat.

And then there’s exercise. Lordy, Lordy. My 10K step program has been up and down. I did EXTREMELY well during our 6 week trip – nailed it everyday, sometimes by a lot. Then I got sick, got out of the habit, and it’s been hit or miss getting back. My, um, encouragers (for lack of a better term) are putting together an exercise program for me. Heeheehee! Apparently they haven’t met me!

But I’m going to try. I wish I could say I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not. The good news is, from all my reading and what a former trainer told me, what you put into your mouth is far more important for weight loss than exercise.

So, I’m going to keep plugging away. I’m going to walk around in circles in the house now.




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  1. Somewhere you can factor in the # of years you can expect to add to your life expectancy when you drop those pounds and in more years, more travel, of course.

  2. Hello Janet. Just reading your latest about losing weight and fully sympathizing! This is a ‘My Story’ post I’ve written recently:

    ‘I’m Jo. I’m 62 and I’m a British artist, writer, traveller and wild westerner ( I also have a zillion other interests. Recently I’ve recovered from 30 years on and off of depression/anxiety after the births of my two children, which put the kibosh on most of my interests. Two years ago I suffered a medication crisis but was lucky enough to be put in touch with a mental health team who put me on the right medication to suit me (known as California Rocket Fuel – I love it!) and gave me cognitive behavioral therapy. Two years later I’m better than I’ve ever been and fully intend to pursue the off-beat, kick-ass creative lifestyle I always wanted to. I’ve subscribed to a zillion emails (mostly creative but a lot of life coaching which I’ve now deleted!) to keep me inspired and encouraged. I’ve had light hearted articles published and am in the process of editing/finishing my humongous novel set in the old west, featuring a beautiful, charismatic Calamity Jane protagonist. I’m now also on a quest to be a role model for the over sixties. Yay! :-D’

    One method I’ve used for losing weight gained over 5 years (I looked AWFUL!) was photos. Ug. I wanted to look good in a gun belt again for living history (I’m getting there!). I adore coffee. I drink SKINNY cappuccinos. I adore chocolate. One SMALL bar a week. Watch your portions. Watch those calories! Try a pedalling machine. Watch tv or read while you’re doing it. I lost a couple of pounds a week last year. I’m 12st 3lb, aiming for that magical 11 to pop up.

    Good luck, Janet. x

    Jo (UK)

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