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Halfway! The New Adventure Begins

Our Mediterranean Cruise took up the first half of our trip, then it was on to the UK for the second half.

We flew from Venice to Edinburg, Scotland and met up with old friends for the remainder of our vacation.

It was their first trip to the UK and our…hmmmm. I may have lost track. Let’s just say we’ve been there a few times, so we acted as unofficial tour guides.

Lest you fear 21 more posts, let me assure you, I’ll reduce it down to as few as I can and still tell the story.

So. Edinburgh.

We hadn’t been here for 15 years, so although much was familiar, we saw a lot that was new, as well.

Our first order of business was to find Clarkson’s jewelers. Odd stop for a vacation, right? Well, there’s a story, of course.

When we were here in 2000, Mr. Tattered bought me a celtic design pinkie ring. It was actually a wedding band, and I called it my Scottish wedding ring. I’ve worn it every day since, and the design had gotten very worn, so we wanted to see if it could be refurbished. Keith Clarkson, the son of the man we had originally purchased it from, was there and it was lovely to be able to visit with him.

He had good news and bad news. They could spiff it up, but it would be thinner, and would wear again, and next time would not be able to be salvaged. The ring has a millennial stamp on the inside, and he suggested that I might want to just put it away as a family heirloom, and buy a new one to wear every day. Mr. Tattered to the rescue! He suggested that we do both – refurbish the old and put it away, AND buy a new one for every day. Woohoo!

Once that bit of business was complete, we were off to explore.

No trip to Edinburgh is complete without a visit to the castle, so we started there.








We’d never taken the Big Bus tour of Edinburgh, so we figured an overview of the whole city would be nice for our friends, and turned out it was good for us, as well. We didn’t realize how big the city is and how little of it we’d seen!

We took a spin through the botanical gardens…








and toured the Royal Yacht Britannia.






We introduced our friends to Pizza Express


and Pret,


and discovered a veggie restaurant, David Bann.




Um, yeah. We’ll be back.

Trust me on this, three days in Edinburg is not enough.

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  1. Loved your photos and narrative; the one of Bob ready to captain a yacht was delightful, a believable captain.

  2. You got a great one of that squirrel!


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