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Venice and Beyond…

The final stop in our cruise took us back to Venice, one of our favorite places in Italy.

The most crushing thing about our return was learning that our favorite restaurant, the one we had been dreaming of returning to for a year and a half, was closed on the only night we were there! Egads!

I told you we live for our stomachs! Heeheehee! But at least it is still in business, so we’ll just have to go back again!

Almost as bad, was that we hit rain, as well, so our view of the canal from our water taxi was from huddling inside, so I took minimal photos. But no fear, I DID take some!












Once we got off the canal and onto the streets, the weather cleared a bit, and without the shell of the water taxi to distort the photos, the pictures got a bit better.







venice8w copy




In our few free minutes, we headed directly for a cafe and some espresso. Um. The best.




Now THAT’S how an empty cup of espresso should look…


I was sad to see the cruise come to an end, and sad to not have longer in Venice, but there were more adventures right around the corner…


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  1. LOVE Venice! I suspect it’s dreary there most of the time anyway, so you saw an authentic day.

    • I have to confess, I much prefer a sunny day, but friends who went in the summer confirmed that the humidity, crowds, and smell, make a summertime trip not nearly as nice.


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