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Father’s Day 2016

This year the whole family decided to spend Father’s Day in So. Lake Tahoe. For us, being with both of the kids and their families was a perfect way to spend the day.


We started with breakfast at the buffet at Harrah’s. I took no photos – you’ll have to imagine it for yourselves. I, myself, came away as pure as the driven snow. Fortunately breakfast is not my favorite meal of the day, and my willpower is strong in the morning. My companions cannot say the same, but I’ll leave the stories for them to tell. Or not. I will say it was simple carb heaven, and prime rib is now Josh’s favorite food. He has expensive taste!

From there we waddled walked to the Heavenly complex, and Josh’s fine taste emerged once again – he LOVED the Ferrari at the mini car show!


Can’t go to Heavenly without a gondola ride.


We stopped at the mid-point to enjoy the view and take some family photos.






They’ve put together quite a few summer activities at the top, but we just wandered. The kids amused themselves with the few remaining spots of icy snow.



Daddy was a good sport and let the kids pelt him with ice! They just giggled and giggled. I love that sound.



Back at the bottom, Josh experienced being in two states at once! He thought that was pretty cool.


And I took the time to sneak in a few more photos.





Bea is the only one of the grands who will still pose for me!


All too soon, Alex and his family had to leave so he could get back to work on Monday, but it was a fun visit.

The rest of us stayed for the next week, but it was pretty low-key. Well except for Kerry, who biked ALL THE WAY AROUND THE LAKE! What a stud. 72 miles of up and down. At altitude. We are majorly impressed. Makes my little 3 mile hike in spite of being sick seem inconsequential!

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