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Palma, Majorca

Our third stop in Spain was to a small island in the Mediterranean, Majorca. It’s pretty obviously a hot vacation spot for the rich and famous if the yachts in the harbor were any indication!


The island has a long and violent history dating back to before the Romans, and changed hands many times. But, rather than take a historical tour, we opted for one a little more “fun” and went to the caves of the dragon “Cuevas Drach,” which were pretty spectacular.













Had we known that a good portion of the tour would be spent “pearl shopping” we probably would have made a different choice, but the caves were interesting, and something a little different.


Back at the ship, we had lunch and our “every afternoon” Ice cream (as opposed to our “every night” ice cream – yeah, we were naughty!)


Today was our 44th anniversary, and after dinner we returned to our cabin to discover our cabin stewards had put together a little romantic treat for us.





Sweet way to end the day!

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  1. What a nice day! Happy anniversary!

  2. Thank you! It’s the second time we’ve been on a cruise on our anniversary! I think we ought to make it a yearly thing!


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