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Trip Planning is NOT my Forte!

I know it seems crazy to just be getting started sharing one trip while planning another, but these things have to be done in advance. And I’m not good at it. In fact, I kinda stink. I’d really rather Mr. Tattered make all the plans, but since I’m sorta dragging him to Africa, he has this notion I should take the lead.

Hmmmm. Not good.

I’m a procrastinator on the most exciting projects, even when it’s something I’m good at. When I know it is something I will find challenging, it’s even worse. So, I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve done background research – I pretty much know what I want to see, and where I need to go to see it, but researching programs? Yuck.

I wrote off cruising right off the bat. I want to see animals – lots of them. And to do that, many times you have to go out early in the morning (like before dawn) and at night. Neither would work for cruises.

Next up was looking at Road Scholar since we’ve had such good luck with them, but they didn’t have their 2017 schedule published before we left on our last trip. Whew! I was able to put it on the back burner.

But when we returned, the schedule was up, so I was forced (after days of trying to ignore it) to get started.

It’s all just so confusing to me. There was no perfect program. One had some stuff, another had more, but they didn’t mate up on dates, so you couldn’t just do an extension. It appeared that you’d have to make your own way from the end of program one to the beginning of program two, with perhaps a week downtime in-between. It seemed a daunting proposition. Even deciding on a single program was hard. What in the world do you give up? I finally called the company to get some help, and after being on hold for half an hour, ultimately got through and discovered I was right. There was no way to make happen what I wanted to happen. I thought about checking with the boss to see if skipping Victoria Falls, and going to see the Gorillas instead would be an option, but they didn’t have a gorilla program either.

Then there was this other outfit I was supposed to check into, Lion World Travel, which looked a little pricey to me (more of a luxury kinda trip) and it appeared they still couldn’t provide everything exactly like I wanted it. By then my brain was feeling a little mushy and I decided to hold off until the next day to call them.

In the meantime, Mr. Tattered took pity on me and asked if I wanted him to look into Lion World. Well, DUH! OF COURSE I did! (Yeah, he was the one doing the forcing…) But here’s the deal. He holds the purse strings, AND he’s much more fussy than I am, so it only makes sense for him to take care of this stuff. Right?

And take care of it he did. I’d wanted to include Victoria Falls in the trip, since it seemed probable that I was only going to get one crack at Africa. But getting from East Africa (where most of the animals are) to South Africa, where Victoria Falls is, turns out to be a costly proposition, and not easy to do. Our new best friend at Lion World, convinced Mr. Tattered it needed to be done in two trips, and suggested doing an extension to Uganda to see the silver-backed Gorillas after the Kenya trip


– about 20 days of safaris, and seeing more animals than I ever thought possible in one trip. And it includes a visit to Lake Nakuru to see the gazillions of Pink Flamingos that live there, which was not available on any of the Road Scholar trips.


That was a little weird to me, because I’d been salivating over both, but hadn’t mentioned either to Mr. Tattered.

So, I’m beside-myself-excited!

I keep thinking that each trip we take will be the best and there will never be anything better. And I keep being wrong. I guess maybe they are just all amazing in their own way.

The actual schedule for 2017 isn’t out yet, so the trip isn’t cast in concrete, but we have the beginnings of a plan, and it’s a doozy! Best yet, I guess, is that with this company we get to combine the rigors of being on safari with a little luxury in accommodations, which sounds like a good idea to me. The one thing I read about over and over as I’ve researched Africa is that there is a price, in terms of comfort, to be paid in going to Africa, but that the rewards are so very worth it. I’m thinking that a little wine and a smokin’ camera will get me through just about anything the conditions can throw at me. And it will be easier for Mr. Tattered if he thinks he may be able to actually sleep while we’re gone. I’m grateful he’s being such a good sport tagging along with me, and happy that he’ll be a little more comfortable than I was afraid he’d be.


Me? I can rest (and be comfortable) when I’m dead. (But I’ll accept the extra comfort! Heeheehee!)


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  1. Well, hell’s bells…The 1s and 0s no sooner get through the whatever they go through, and we’re on plan B already. Lion World had a bunch of add on charges, and let us know that much of the itinerary is handed off to other providers, so we’re back to Road Scholar. Grrrrr. No matter what it will be a great trip (and actually I get an extra week, so that’s a plus) but I was really excited about all the flamingos, and 2 days of Gorillas (but at least they HAVE added a Gorilla program, but only for one day!) and that won’t be possible. I need to not be a spoiled brat, I need to not be a spoiled brat, I need to not be a spoiled brat. Okay. Whew! Got it. I’m grateful to be going.

  2. That is going to be one fantastic trip! No matter what’s included, wow.


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