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Moving On…Bye Bye Barcelona! Hello, Valencia!

All too soon it was time to move out of our home away from home at the W.

What an experience.

At breakfast our servers (who we had sorta bonded with over the course of our 3 breakfasts there – they liked that we practiced our Spanish “baby talk” on them!) brought us a special “farewell” tray of yummies.


Then, as we were packing up to leave, there was a knock at our door, and our favorite server was standing there with a little gift of her own – chocolates for our journey – such a sweet, sweet thing to do. It would have been very hard to leave if we weren’t about to board our ship for a 20 day Mediterranean adventure (and if we hadn’t already decided we NEED to return!)


We got off on a little bit of a rough start on the ship. It had been in dry dock for 2 weeks for renovations, and we thought it would be fun to be the first ones to sail with brand new decor. But, lesson learned – when a ship is in dry dock, it always needs a week more than planned. Note to self: if a ship has been renovated, wait for AT LEAST the second trip out!

The staff had been the worker bees for the work, and they were not only exhausted, but hadn’t had time to learn the new layout. Plus, there were many things not completed, including stinky finishes that needed to go on a lot of the wood. It was pretty chaotic. Day by day it got better, but it was not the smooth operation we’d been accustomed to until about the half-way point.

But, who can really complain too much when you’re being served good meals, excellent wine, and going on daily adventures to new, exciting places?!

And with that, off to Valencia, Spain, in photos – through my tattered lens!


Yes, Valencia, as in oranges. The trees can be found EVERYWHERE!














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  1. Thank you! I could have done a whole post just with photos from the market. It felt like a good day behind the lens.


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