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Monsterrat Monastery and Cava

I’m not planning on giving you a day by day report of our comings and goings for the whole 6 weeks, but Monsterrat is worth a whole post. The mountain range is gorgeous, full of interesting formations.


It is the location of a Benedictine Monastery built right into the rock.





It is best known for its “Black Madonna” Statue, and its boys choir. We were fortunate enough to be there for one the performances.



I was intrigued by the eclectic lighting features – loads of them and no two were the same. I asked about them, and the guide said they were gifts from all the surrounding regions, each handcrafted especially for the monastery.



After our tour, we went on a fairly challenging hike to a location that provided a great view of the monastery and the surrounding area.


Our guide wanted proof we made it to the end of the trail, where we found this!



On our way back to Barcelona, we stopped at a winery for some tasting and learning a bit about the wines from the region. Come to find out, grape vines produce sweeter grapes if they are stressed, so the dry conditions are perfect – which explains why the ones we’re growing at home in our crummy soil are doing so well!



This particular winery is a small artisan affair, choosing to make small amounts of wine, and specializing in “Cava,” a rose sparking wine, which we thought we wouldn’t like, but did, very much (enough to have 6 bottles shipped home!) Mr. Tattered also learned how to properly open a bottle of bubbly!






Salud! (We decided we need to learn how to say “cheers” in the language of each country we dink in!) Heeheehee!

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