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Barcelona Through a Tattered Lens

We began our “Spring Adventure” with a three day stay in Barcelona, Spain. We’d never been there before, and really knew very little about the area other than it had been recommended by several different people we’d met on other trips. Invariably when talking about favorite cities, Barcelona would be mentioned.

We went through Costco for our airfare and hotel, which turned out to be a GREAT idea. The only hotel they had available at the time we booked was the “W” and it turned to be so cool. It sat right on the Mediterranean Sea. Although it was a bit of an optical illusion, it LOOKED like if you could open the windows, you could jump right in. What a fabulous way to start an adventure!





Everything about this place was fabulous (well, except for the lighting – we never did get it figured out!) The people were incredibly friendly – every single contact with an employee was top notch. I know I’m just a regular old person, but I’ve got to tell you, I LIKE being treated like I’m special!

Even the dishes were cool!


We are so ruled by our stomachs! Being vegetarians, we have to compromise on meals away from home, at times. And when we’re in a foreign language country, menus can be challenging. So when you find a vegetarian restaurant, life is good! The hotel recommended the three Teresa Carles restaurants, and we tried all three! Not the BEST we’ve ever had, but very good, and it was SO nice to be able to try anything on the menu! Vegetarian restaurant in BARCELONA! We were amazed.


Barcelona is such a charming city – very much like London in its mix of old and new. It is located on the northeast coast of Spain in an area called Catalonia, and shares a border with France. The people there have wanted their independence from Spain for many years, feeling much more kinship to the rest of Europe. They even outlawed bull fighting. And man do they love their “football” (soccer!) Of course, having the best team in the world helps, I guess!

One of my more odd loves is “lighting fixtures.” Have you noticed that about me? It appeared to me that in each neighborhood of the city, they had a different type of fixture lining the streets…




Just LOVED the old architecture…






And I got my first introduction to the art and architecture of Antoni Gaudi. I have to wonder sometimes what rock I live under. How did I not know about this guy?


Seriously. That is the wall of a house. More about him and his work another day.

So, a few more photos taken around town…







And we discovered “Cava,” a sparkling rose, at a small, artisan winery. And yes, we had some shipped home. Can’t wait to share it with the kids!



Stay tuned for two more days of Barcelona – one at Monserrat Monastery and one at Guell Park.

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  1. That hotel IS gorgeous! I love Gaudi too and Park Guell. I went inside Sagrada Familia and thought it was impressive too.


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