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My Poor Garden – the rehabilitation begins…

As Spring begins to peek it’s head out, it’s time to get the garden shaped up.

It’s been years since it’s been the beautiful oasis I first created.




When I set it up, I had few distractions, and plenty of time to tend it. My vision was that it would look like an abandoned space where nature, in all it’s glory, took over – beautiful flowers and lots of little treasures to discover. My inspiration was the gardens we had seen in the UK -over-grown and lush.

What I had NOT considered was that the drip irrigation we needed to use to keep it lush, (as opposed to the wetter conditions in the UK) needed to be maintained, and that over-grown element made it terribly difficult for my maintenance guy (aka Mr. Tattered) to get in and make repairs. Somewhere in my little pea brain I thought you put drip in, and that was it. Done.

So, it became a bone of contention between us that maintenance wasn’t happening, and when it did get done, there were often harsh words. At one time, he went in and hacked down a bunch of my plants so he could get to the drip, and from that day on, my interest in the garden was virtually gone.

For a couple of years now, it has been left to its own devices, and it hasn’t been a pretty picture.It gets sadder and sadder each season.




Once we yanked out the front yard grass and replaced it with drought resistant plants, I knew the garden area was doomed, and began making plans for a starker look. But it’s hard to do stuff you don’t want to do, so I dragged my heels. Finally Mr. Tattered suggested we have someone come in and do the demolition and start over, and I jumped on it. I just didn’t have it in me to spend hours and hours laboring over something I didn’t really want to see happen.

So, we got an estimate, and made the appointment to have the work done. I went out and marked the few bushes I wanted them to leave, and dragged all the garden decor out and into a pile to be gone through, and either rehabilitated or tossed at a later date.


Note to self: When you care about how something looks, don’t leave your spouse in charge.

I came home to discover that yes, technically the plants I wanted left there, were still there. But they had been severely cut back. My wild, natural looking bushes were all hacked up and trimmed like they were hedges – flat and ugly, not an ounce of charm remaining. I was so mad I could hardly see straight. It took a couple of hours before I was able to convince myself that they were like a bad haircut – they’ll grow back.






So. It’s done. And I lived through it. The garden area is now pretty much a blank canvas, but I need to paint on it in a style that isn’t mine.

One of the casualties of the moving stuff was that one of my big bird feeder bit the dust, so I got to buy a new one. I did that today and got it put together. So, there’s that.




The birds were not happy with the change in their environment, but they have decided what is left is better than nothing and are slowly coming back.


If they can get over it, I guess I can, too.

So, we’ve got a lot of travel coming up, followed by the heat of summer, so we’ll probably wait until early fall to replant. Hopefully in the next few months I can get some repair done on some of the decor, and come up with a solid plan for the new look.

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