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Penguins, Penguins, and More Penguins

I’ve gotta confess. I’m pretty sure I took about a thousand pictures of penguins. It took me hours to whittle them down to the low hundreds, and it hasn’t been easy to decide which few to show you.

They are just so darn cute, and every one that waddled by had it’s own charm.

So I’m going to be disciplined and just show you a small number of them.

These penguins are the ones we saw the most of on this trip – the Gentoos.

The penguins can be dirty little critters. They can’t leave their nests (which are made of rocks) until their mate is there, or the predator birds will eat the eggs. So they have to poop in and/or near the nest. They get it all over themselves, then when they go out into the ocean to feed, get cleaned up.

Many of the nesting areas we went to could be smelled before we could actually see them! But we went towards the early part of the season, when it wasn’t too warm yet, so the smell wasn’t oppressive like it can be later in the season.

This is a great photo which shows the rock nest, the eggs, the poop around the nest, and on him/her, and the brood pouch (the area on the penguin right above the eggs where the feathers pull apart and allow skin contact with the eggs.)


The penguins spend a lot of their time stealing rocks from other nests and taking them to their mate…


Often the nests are far from the ocean, and the penguins make trails in the snow leading up and back.


Enjoy their cuteness!






















Aren’t they just the cutest critters!?

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  1. Wow your photos are incredible! I know how you feel, I have ten million photos of kangaroos, dolphins, seals, koalas, etc, from my travels in Australia!


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