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Can We Talk About Booze?

Those of you who know me well, know I’m not much of a drinker.

I’ve been having a bit of a relationship with Mike’s Hard Mango punch (we’ve been known to shower together from time to time!) and yes, I do enjoy my Pino Grigio (with ice, of course) from time to time, as well. But to sit down and just drink, especially hard liquor, well, that’s really not me.

But then in Peru I was introduced to Pisco Sours. I guess the drink closest to it here in the states would be a Margarita, but they were even better. Pisco is similar to Tequila, but made from white grapes instead of agave. What makes Pisco Sours a little more adventuresome than Margaritas is that they’re made with raw egg whites. Kinda yuck, huh? But hey…when in Rome. We had to try them. And for me, it was love at first sip. Maybe it was the environment, who knows. All I know is I could hardly wait for my next one.



In Cusco we went to what we thought was a Pisco museum. Yeah, it sounded a little odd to have a museum dedicated to Pisco, but hey? Maybe there was a big history to it? We had to check it out.



Turns out that it was a Pisco bar! But in addition to being able to get a good drink, you could take a little Pisco Sour-making class. So my bartender (Mr. Tattered) took the class and made us a couple of drinks from the ground up.


And they were yum.

So following the advice of our tour leader, we headed for the grocery store and bought ourselves a bottle of pisco to take home with us. We were only home for a few weeks, before heading out again, but we never cracked open the bottle.

Now fast forward to our trip to Chile. They make pisco sours there, as well. It was good to have one (or two or so) again.

But then we went down to Patagonia in southern Chile, and there, they add a twist – Calafate Sours. Pisco Sours, but made with Calafate juice. And man. Does that elevate the lofty Pisco Sours to even higher heights!

Night after night at Patagonia Camp, we indulged.


When we left, I knew I’d be getting some Calafate juice when we got back to Santiago to take back home with us, rather than haul it to Antartica and then back to Santiago again before heading home.

But there was just one little problem I had not expected. Calafate Sours are a SOUTHERN Chile thing. Calafate was not to be found up north. I was so sad. But, I figured I’d be able to find it on line, so I wasn’t too distraught.

But, my search has been met with failure thus far. Note to self: Next time you fall in lust with something in a foreign country, buy it then.

So how am I going to get back to Patagonia to buy Calafate juice? Talk about a long trip to the grocery store!

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