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On To Patagonia

So, we flew from Santiago to Punta Arenas and boarded our bus for the several hour journey to Patagonia Camp, just outside The Torres del Paine National Park – our home away from home for the next few days.

We arrived in the dark, so we couldn’t tell until the next morning just what a gorgeous place it was.

We stayed in luxury “yurts,” which were barely (if at all!) related to the “roughing it” we expected.


Taken from the waterfront. The structure on the right is the built on bathroom.


Ours is the one down on the right. You can barely see the roof.


The stairs leading down to our waterfront yurt. The guide said we had the prettiest view on the property from down there.


Looking up to the ceiling – at night we could see the stars!

Even the view from right outside our yurt was amazing, and what we were about to see got even better.


Each day we took the short jaunt into the park by van, and spent hours hiking, and driving through the most beautiful terrain.

We had no idea there was a glacier that calved ice bergs into the lake.




Yummy! Yeah, probably wasn’t too smart given there were no dentists nearby, but yes, I ate it!

There were beautiful wildflowers all over the place.


Maiden slippers


One of the 11 varieties of wild orchids in the park

These look like the llamas we saw in Peru, but, as we learned, llamas are smaller and domesticated. These are larger and wild. The Chileans call them “guanacos.” (wahn-aw-kos) I don’t think I ever knew they are in the camel family! We saw so many of them, but this was our first.



Isn’t he a cutie?

But the thing I took the most pictures of were the mountains – from every angle I could find. Here are but a few…







Pretty impressive place. I’ll show you more tomorrow.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! These photos are actually stunning!


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