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Crisis Averted

I did my last travel post on December 22, then Christmas preparations got under way and I didn’t get back to blogging until December 31st, when I did a little Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016 post.

Then it was on to 2016, and I never did wrap up the remainder of the trip.

Well, shortly after Christmas, I had a little computer crisis. My computer got attacked, and disabled. The geeks at Apple were wonderful, and got me put back together again, but there was some question as to whether or not they had been successful in restoring my photos. To complicate things further, I updated my operating system at the same time, which created new compatibility problems. It’s been a goat rope.

Then I got busy, and didn’t really have the time to dig in and work on restoring things (and if I’m completely honest, I was a little scared to try, so I drug my feet a little.)

Well this weekend I summoned up the courage to try. Not knowing they were gone for sure was comforting, but I really needed to get into them, and if they weren’t there, I needed to know it.

And thankfully, the small amount of worrying I did was for nothing. They are back where they belong. Sort of. I’m still working out a few bugs with Apple support, but we’re almost there. And I’m still facing compatibility issues, and having to reinstall software, but the photos are safe. And backed up. I can breathe again. Crisis averted.

I hope to get Adobe Photoshop Elements installed tomorrow. That’s the program I use to reduce the file size of photos, then I can get back to showing you the last photos from Chile and move on to Antarctica.

Hopefully by the time we leave again, I’ll be all caught up. Just kidding. We won’t be leaving again until spring!

Life can be so complicated!

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  1. It’s so scary to think about losing these little invisible digital files that are our everything. I have two backups and still don’t feel secure.

    • It really is. Photos are the worst things to lose. I have a lot on camera cards, but a lot of the photos I take with the iPhone are dumped onto the computer and deleted, so those are gone if I lose the files. I need to print them more often!


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