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Remember back when I discovered “Blog to Print?” Yeah, probably not. It’s been awhile.

It’s a cool website that allows you to create a physical book of your blogs.

I had one made of my first year of blogging, 2011, and liked it so much I ordered more. In 2012 I blogged the whole year, and had too many to fit into one book, and had to split it into Volumes I and II.




I don’t know why I didn’t go any further. I think it was a combination of time getting away from me and never having time to order while a sale was going on. These puppies aren’t cheap, and I like to hit a sale when I can.

Today I had time AND it was the last day of one of the best sales I’ve seen, so I buckled down and got caught up. Yeah. CAUGHT UP. All the way up.


And it wasn’t easy. The site is a little cumbersome if you have more than one book to order. And I kept running into things that took my mind off of what I was doing (I’m not going to name names here…let your imagination roam.) I made one frustrating mistake after another, made more difficult by needing to add photos that are no longer on my computer because of my hard-drive crash. Come to find out, the photos I thought were backed up onto an external hard drive weren’t, which opened a whole new can of worms.

I was able to pull photos from camera cards and from Facebook that got the job done, but man, it was time-consuming endeavor.


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  1. That’s amazing, Janet. What a wonderful keepsake.

    • Well, I figure I blog a lot about my life, so if I don’t get the photo albums completed (hahahahaha! Did you catch that? IF?) at least there is a framework of who did what and when…

  2. I absolutely LOVE my books. I spend days cutting and pasting to make a Blurb book look beautiful. I’ve done 4 or 6, I can’t remember. I’m caught up to one year ago, so I’m almost there. I agree it feels absolutely delightful!


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