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The Autopsy of “Ignite”

Looking back at my word for 2015 makes me a little sad.

I had such big hopes for it.

I really, truly thought this would be the year I either got caught up on all (or at least most) of my unfinished projects, or found new homes for them.

I’m not going to make excuses for why it didn’t happen. The point is, it didn’t. Not only did I NOT get caught up, but I added even more unfinished projects and unused supplies to the piles. No kidding.

Now, to be fair, I did complete a fair number of projects, but I don’t think a single one of them was from the pile of unfinished ones, but new ones that lit my fire. And I’m happy about that. It means I did slightly better than I have in the past at completing things I started. But, nonetheless, that was not the goal.

But truly, I really never even had a chance of success. I never sat down and started a list of unfinished projects so that I could see what needed to be done, and decide if there were some projects I just REALLY didn’t care about anymore, and could pass them along to someone else. There is a non-profit called “Re-create” nearby that accepts supplies people no longer need to resell, and I’ll bet “already set up projects” would be easy for them to move. But I didn’t do it.

As I reflect on how the year went, I seriously can’t remember a single old project I pulled out and even looked at, let alone worked on or completed.

It was a year of new interests. I discovered mosaics,



made a gorgeous purse for my granddaughter,



made cards,




decorated cakes,


did a bunch of scrapbooking,


and really, quite a bit more. I really was pretty productive.

So, if “ignite” had been designed to get me motivated to create, it would have been a tremendously successful word. I was on fire!

But alas…the pile of unfinished projects grew, and THAT is distressing.

So. Here we are a week into the the new year. I’ve selected a phrase, rather than a single word (remember? “Walk the path of your heart.”) and I’m hoping that path will take me back to some of those “projects in progress” in addition to getting healthy, learning to decorate cookies, having an amazing travel year, reducing the clutter in my life, deepening the important relationships in my life… oh my stars, do I ever have a year cut out for me!

I haven’t bought any new craft supplies since the start of the new year! Heeheehee! (Hey I’m grasping for positives, here!)

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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