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I NEED To Actually Create Something

To satisfy my need to feel like I am creating, I have, at times, had to expand my definition of the word “create.” I’ve “created” memories, “created” a pleasant atmosphere in my home, “created” meals…all in an effort to disguise the fact that it’s been awhile since I did anything creative.

Well, I’ve reached the limits of my ability to twist myself into a pretzel to “feel” creative.

It’s time to actually buckle down and really produce something.

Now, this isn’t a case of me being hard on myself. Or not meeting my own expectations. It’s just a verbal admission that I’m missing the feeling I get from making something.

I’m doing plenty of things for myself. I’m doing yoga, walking, watching what I’m eating, traveling, starting to get the garden cleaned up (that’s a whole post of its own!) getting rid of unnecessary things, and all are rewarding in their own way.

But none of them give me the high I get from taking various components and turning them into something beautiful.

I’ve got a date with my art group on the 15th. I’ll for sure be able to do something then. But I don’t think I can wait that long.

So, now the most pressing challenge is coming up with something that will fit the bill. There are LOTS of projects stacked up, all in varying degrees of completion, and some not even started.

The “F” and “S” mosaics are nearly finished. It probably makes most sense to work on them. But then there’s a paper project I want to do about all the kid’s nicknames. That would probably give me the most satisfaction right now. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Well, really, not such big decisions. In keeping with my desire to finish projects, I really need to do the ones already started, not begin new ones. No brainer. The mosaics win.

Now I just need to find my go bag!

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. So finish the mosaics now and bring the nicknames project to group. Win win.


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