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Fitbit – It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

Here we go again.

I’ve been here before.

A couple of years ago I got a fitbit, and did remarkably well with it for months, long past the time when it should have become a habit. 10,000 steps a day for months.

Then something happened to throw me off – heck if I can remember what. And I didn’t start back up. Eventually I tried another brand, a Jawbone, with similar results. I did well, fell off the wagon, and didn’t get back on.

I’m so disgusted with my sedentary lifestyle that I bought a new fitbit and I’m starting over again. I have 3 days of 10,000 steps under my belt.

But I haven’t had the kids these three days. Today I started back up, and the challenge was to get in the steps with them.

The plan was to go to the gym and hop on the versa climber. So, after we took Josh to school, Lexi and I headed to the gym. They have a really good kid care set up there, and she was happy to play with the kids.

I turned on some tunes (dance with my pants – it’s something I can listen to over and over and over!) and before I knew it 22+ minutes were gone!


20 minutes for the first time back was my goal, and it felt good to exceed that without even trying. I even got credit for steps, since you use arms as well as legs on the versa climber. At that point I had 4k steps, and walked around the gym for a few minutes to get to 5k. I figured halfway through my steps that early in the day would be a good start. I rewarded my self with 10 minutes in the sauna!

The rest of the afternoon I regularly reminded myself to walk around the living room a few times every hour, and by the time I got home in the evening, I was within spittin’ distance of my goal, and finished up with a walk after dinner.


So. 4 days under my belt. I have a long ways to go before this is anything even remotely resembling a habit, but it’s a good start.

On days when I don’t have the kids until later in the morning I’m going to try going to try to go to 5:45am (have I lost my mind???) yoga with my VERY dedicated daughter. She’s a wonderful nag influence on me. I made no promises, but I have 3 late days this week, so I’m going to try. Early days gym, late days yoga. Then on the weekends, one day yoga, one day long hike. NO DAYS OFF. If you’re not exercising, you’re decaying. I’m not ready to decay any further than I already have.

Now, like I said, I’ve been here before. And I blew it. But I’m back, and I’m as enthusiastic as I am capable of being about an exercise program (let’s face it, if you could lose weight and gain strength by sitting on your butt scrapbooking, that would be my preference – but I’ve already explored THAT possibility and it didn’t work!) and that’s all I can expect of myself.

Thanks for bearing with me. I’ll try not to bore you to death with my progress (or lack thereof) but I’m looking to y’all for a little accountability, even if it’s just in my mind that you’re checking up on me!




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  1. Go girl.

  2. Who you callin a nag??? Lol looking forward to yoga in the morning!!!!

  3. Last year I hired a trainer and it worked great until I got busy and started cancelling appointments I had already paid for. I’m trying again this year. I wish you COULD loss weight working in the studio. Good luck with your goals!!

  4. I’m with you on this. I think interruptions are what makes me fall off the wagon. I either get sick and don’t start up again or I go on a trip and similar things happen. I’m thinking too about exercising again…

    • Sometimes I wonder why I even try to get into a routine, because we’re seldom home long enough for the habit to form. BUT, I have to do something, even if it is in fits and starts, or I’m not going to live as long as I’d like to!


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