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The New Year and SLW

Happy New Year, again. This time with a little more enthusiasm! I’ve decided on my word. Well sort of.

Why SLW instead of the usual OLW?

Because I decided to go with a phrase this year – seven little words (SLW) instead of my usual one little word (OLW.)

I shared my dilemma earlier – my frustration with not being able to come up with a single word that encompassed all that I wanted to work on this year.

Well, at yoga yesterday I saw a sign on the wall that said “walk the path of your heart.” It made me mist up. As I considered my word choice throughout the day yesterday and this morning, the phrase kept popping into my mind.

One of the things I like about yoga (in addition to the great sweating) is the blending heart, mind and body. I’m all over the map. My heart tells me one thing, my brain something else, and my body goes off on a completely different direction. All this seems, on the surface, to have little to do with accomplishing my goals, but stick with me here.

It occurs to me that I’m like a three headed fish, each with it’s own idea of where to go, tugging and pulling the others, but really accomplishing little more than just treading water. What if I were able to meld the three, getting them working together? And who better to make the leader than the heart?

What if by letting my heart lead the way, I actually end up being kinder to myself, while at the same time being available to the possibilities of the new year, getting my health (AND body) back on track, get the clutter out of my head, AND actually get my physical space back to being a place I don’t dread living in?

It’s a pretty big “if” but certainly no more of a risk than coming up with a single dimension word that doesn’t work to motivate me.

So. It’s decided. In 2016, I’ll be “walking my heart’s own path.” Art to follow. When the time is right. When my heart figures out how to get the rest of me in line!

In the meantime, my new fitbit is set up, charged up, and I’ve met my 10k step goal 2 days in a row. I hiked with my family in a beautiful place down near the river, and ate well (eat food. not too much. mostly plants.) – yeah, there’s a story there, too, but I’ll save it for another day.

We’re working at exploring more of the beauty in our own backyard (or at least close to home!)






AND, I’ve blogged two days in a row.

A pretty good start for the New Year.


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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I am eager to follow where your leading heart goes. It is a good target or SLW.

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