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San Cristobal Island, Galapagos

Another rocking’ and rollin’ night led us to San Cristobal, and our second stop in the Galapagos.

Before actually landing, we circumnavigated Leon Dormido, or Kicker Rock, a large formation jutting nearly 500ft out of the ocean. Pretty stunning view.








From there we went to Cerro Brujo, one of the prettiest white sand beaches in the islands. We started with a short walk searching for wildlife and enjoying an orientation by our guide.

There were quite a few sea lions on the beach, lots of crabs, and a variety of birds, including our 1st look at Darwin’s finch. We saw our 1st water iguana, although they aren’t prevalent at this particular beach. We even got to watch the boobies and pelicans diving into the water after fish. Pretty amazing.


Sally Lightfoot Crabs – my favorite!



One of these pups belonged to a different mama. When she called from the water, the pup jumped up and practically ran to her. They splashed in water for awhile, then the pup insisted on nursing. It was so cute!




Oyster Catcher


Darwin’s Finch


Marine Iguana


Then it was time to snorkel. A lot of the coral in the Galapagos was killed in the last El Nino, so I wasn’t expecting much. So, I hadn’t bothered figuring out how to use the GoPro, and didn’t even bring it onto the island, which turned out to be a mistake.

Who knew we were going to swim with actual, real life, wild sea lions???

It was flipping amazing!

I was swimming along watching a few parrotfish, and saw a brown flash in my vision, and couldn’t instantly figure out what it was. When I looked up, I saw a sea lion looking at me eye to eye. He was so close that when he blew bubbles, they hit my mask. I almost jumped out of my skin, but in a super cool way! By then it was time to get out of the water and back to the boat. WOW! Just WOW!

As soon as we got back aboard, I dug out the GoPro and started charging the battery and reading the manual, hoping to have another opportunity to get documentation!

Our next stop after lunch was on Isla Lobos, and another chance to snorkel. The GoPro was still on the charger, and we swam with sea lions AGAIN, and AGAIN, no documentation. But this time Mr. Tattered went, too, and saw the sea lions, so at least I had a witness, even though I had no photos.

Isla Lobos is a small rocky island, home to a huge population of sea lions. The nursery was located under a wide tree. Saw many, many mamas and babies.


(That’s Mr. Tattered in the red shirt!)




Aw, loved watching the pups nurse…

When we got back on the boat, our chef has empanadas and mango smoothies waiting for us. The food so far has beat our expectations – vegetarian options at every meal, and really, quite good food!


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