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Lots of Irons in the Fire

Periodically I go through times when it seems on the surface that I’m not accomplishing a lot.

Forget for a moment that I have a clean family room and kitchen (an all day project a couple of Sundays ago, and I’ve managed to keep it clean – shock of all shocks!) and I can’t point to getting much done.

But, again, that’s just on the surface.

Look deeper and I’ve done quite a bit here and there.  It just doesn’t always show.

I mended a pair of slippers that easily could have sat on the counter for 6 months.


I put all the scrapbook pages I did in Sunriver (along with blank protectors) into their album with fancy straps. It was on my list, but didn’t NEED to get done right now, and no one will ever notice that I did it.


I FINALLY got the girl’s swim team photos and ribbons put in their frames.



And I’ve made a fair amount of progress on my monogram mosaics.



Considering that I’m spending a bunch of time lovin’ on my four grandchildren and trying to make sure they get where they need to be when they need to be there, I’m pretty proud of myself getting much of anything else done.

But I figured out that if I keep a couple of projects lined up, and all the materials I need in “go bags,” the 2 1/2 – 3 hours a day that Lexi naps allows good, concentrated time to “work,” if you can call it that!

I’m notorious for wasting the time on social media, but I can’t tell you how much better it feels to actually have tangible accomplishments at the end of the day! Yay for “go bags” and lots of irons in the fire!

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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