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They’re multiplying!

Although I’m making progress on my monogram project, it keeps growing!

Once I got the original completed, I added plans for 4 more, and have begun working on them.

The “F” and the “S” will be the easiest – they are both based on the one I did for myself.


Bea’s “B” is a blast. I love all the little fancies we’re going to use for it!


Hannah’s was the one that scared me. She is my exuberant girl, and has a style all her own. She picked out some pretty crazy elements, and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to pull off a cohesive look melding everything she wanted, but so far it’s working!



Then Josh saw what I was doing and decided he needs one, too (camouflage colors, of course!) and if I’m doing one for him, Lexi (Alexis, so she’s got an “A”) can’t be left out. She’s a purple girl, like Bea, so far, so she’ll have soft pastels, too. I just got their bases today. And that brings my total to six.


I’m finding myself obsessed (who? me?)

I mean like, crazy, it’s-all-I-can-think-about obsessed… If I’m not actually working on them, I’m either looking for elements to add to them, or finding ceramic pieces, or just thinking about how I’m going to arrange them.

I hope I’m not burning myself out. I really do want to do pieces for my garden once I get these finished!

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