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Restoring Order

Every time I start dabbling in a new medium, the supplies it takes begin to take over my world.

And my mosaics are no exception.

It started of with a small box. Then a tote and a small box. Then a stack and a tote and a small box. Now many stacks…you get the picture. Not only is it unsightly, but I start to spend way too much time looking for things, which cuts into the available time for actually creating.

I finally had to take a few minutes and restore some order.

I don’t know if my new obsession is going to have legs or not, so I hate to invest in anything permanent, but SOMETHING had to be done.

I found these cool throwaway food storage containers from Rubbermaid that will be perfect for sorting cut tiles by color, and maybe I’ll even toss in the coordinating beads. (And they even have red lids! Heeheehee!)





Then if I can find a metal or wooden crate to store them in I’ll be able to keep it all corralled and brought out to work on and then put away in the scary room more easily.

Whew! I hate to use the “O” word, but I’m feeling a little (shhhhh!) organized.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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