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How Do You Watch?

I confess, I watch way too much television.

Part of the problem is, I have direct tv, and it automatically records everything on the 3 major tv networks. I have some shows I follow every week, then there are others I just don’t have time for. If they look interesting, I save the whole series, then save it to watch when my regular shows go into reruns, and I’ve caught up on the cable shows.

But in doing that, I’ve discovered the joys of “binge” or “marathon” watching, where I can watch numerous episodes of the same show, in the same evening, without having to wait for the next week. And I like it. A lot.

I did that with 24 when I discovered it way too many years into the series. We’d watch for HOURS, lots of them, sometimes into the wee hours…

Currently, I’m working on “Forever.” What a great show. I’m enjoying it so much. But there is a downside.



Since the season is over, I was able to get on-line to see if it had been renewed for a second season. And much to my despair, it was not. I’m crushed. I’m almost tempted to quit watching now, because I know I will only get more enamored of it the longer I watch. And then it will be over. I won’t be able to just wait a year and it will back (like with Downton Abbey.) And I won’t have had years and years of watching and then a final episode (like Parenthood.)

But, I digress. The point is, I like to watch back-to-back episodes. I guess that is because I’ve deferred gratification for most of my adult life, and now I’m trying to make up for it.

Yeah, and when I’m reading a really good, exciting book, and the hero (or heroine) is is deep trouble, sometimes I have to read a few pages of the last chapter to make sure they survive. Don’t judge.



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