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My Artistic Girls

Part of my creative journey is passing down my love for art to the next generation. It didn’t work so much with my kids – neither were ever very interested, although my son has turned out to be a good photographer, and from time to time my daughter will dabble with something with her girls, but she has no burning NEED to create like I do.

So, I’m trying with my grandkids.

I started with Hannah when she wasn’t even two, going to a “mom and tot” craft class at Michael’s. She loved it, and made all kinds of little treasures for her mama.


Then Bea came along, and by that time Michael’s wasn’t doing the classes anymore, so we crafted on our own, just not as often. With the difference in ages, and Bea always wanting to do what Hannah did, it got more complicated!

We dabbled in quite a few different art forms, including knitting and a variety of paper crafts, but when I started teaching them to paint, they really started having fun!

At the time, I was participating in a Artist Trading Card group, and the girls wanted to try doing little paintings.



They joined in with the grown-ups for over a year, and along the way started doing their own canvases.


Over the years, Hannah’s interest in art has diminished, and Bea’s has increased, to the point where Bea thinks she’d like to be an artist when she grows up (I tell her she already IS an artist, but she says she’d like to do it as a job!) Her primary interest these days seems to be in fashion design, and she’s learning to draw (and paint!) people. This was my birthday present – a combination of the two…


Hannah LOVES doing tie dye, so she made me a shirt. I just LOVE hand made gifts!


Hannah is following my progress with mosaics, and although I haven’t been able to interest her in actually DOING them herself, she wanted me to make her a monogram, and actively participated in selecting the items for me to use on it. It is a crazy combination, and I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull together a cohesive piece using what she had chosen, it’s coming together.


She was adamant that she wanted a piece of a yellow star with the word “awesome” in it. I was skeptical, but it turned out pretty good! She has a good eye, and I’m hoping one of these days she’ll find a medium she loves and get back into arting more often.

On the other hand, with Bea, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that SHE wants to do!

I haven’t done enough exploring options with Josh, but with what little we’ve tried, he seems to have an aptitude for it. And now we’ve got Lexi coming up…I need to get going with more projects!

Yeah. I need more projects. Heeheehee! I’m sure glad I decided against a creative business. What I am doing is SOOOOOO much more important.

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I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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