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Back to School – Forced Organization

The official end of summer used to be Labor Day – the next day we all went back to school.

Now, it’s whenever the kids go back to school (which varies wildly!) We’re in summer/end of summer limbo, in that Josh went back today (public school) and the girls go back next week (private school.)

I don’t know where the summer went. As usual, most of the big plans went by the wayside… Although we did do better at workbooks this summer. Hopefully they won’t have forgotten how to use their brains!

Anyway, I went with my DIL this morning to take Josh to school, so I’d know where to go to pick him up. We took lots of pictures (which, of course, he hated – deja vu all over again!)



And with the return of school comes a multitude of activities that have me a little mind-boggled.

Josh is in football which comes with an enormous time commitment. He’s only 6, but you’d think he was on a farm team (well, he sort is! The program is run by one of the local high schools.) Mama and Da’ are taking care of that, I just need to remind Da’ when he has football duty, which means I have to keep track of it!

Hannah has soccer, hip hop dance lessons, music and tumbling.

Bea has ballet, music and tumbling.

Even Lexi is getting into the act with baby tumbling!

Add to that the different school schedules, recitals, the mama’s work schedules with the accompanying outside-the-norm meetings, and even a few things that “I” need to do, the logistics can be interesting!

I’m way beyond my ability to keep it all in my head.

A friend suggested a “Mom’s” planner that has space for her schedule, plus that of up to 4 kids. Sounded perfect. I went to see if they had it at Staples (I really like to hold things in my hand to see if they will work) but that was a no go, so I ordered it from Amazon and will have it tomorrow (thank you, Amazon Prime!) I didn’t find anything even remotely close, so unless I want to design my own, which I don’t, it will need to work.


Cute, huh? I’m actually kind of excited to get it. People who know me well know I hate the “O” word (organize!) but I’m terrified I’ll let an activity slip through the cracks – or worse yet, forget to pick a kid up (not something I EVER want to do. Again. Yeah, I actually did it once!) I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ll see of this planner. If it works, I’ll be shouting its praises from the rooftop!

Since the girls aren’t in school yet, I won’t get into an actual routine until the middle of next week. I’ll miss their first day of school (I haven’t yet figured out how to be in 2 places at one time!) but I’m sure their mama will take lots of pictures (and it’ll been one less person to embarrass them as THEY suffer through the photo op!)

How is your arrival back to school going? And how do YOU stay organized?

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