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Onto the Next Monograms!

So, maybe I’m getting a little obsessive again, but after the success of my last mosaic monogram, I have more  lined up. Four of them, actually.

I have been collecting up plates, beads and other elements for a few weeks, and although I don’t have everything I need for all four of them, I do have enough to get started.

Since I have so many, I set them up in a little production line. It’s a bit of a challenge because they’re all different letters and different colors, but there is a little overlap.

My first task was to sort the scraps from my last project to see what I can use for the new ones.


I was surprised to find some green pottery tucked into the bottom of the box of scraps I got at Re-Create. I’ll need those for two of my letters, as well as the bits of neutrals.

That completed, I moved on to penciling in the areas where the primary elements will be located on each letter. I didn’t do that with the first one because I had no idea what I was doing. Now that I have a little experience, I can better tell where I will want the focal points to be.

When I was sorting the chunk of pottery I found a bag of extra beads from the first project that included some metal bars (for my flowers.) I’d forgotten where I got them, thought I’d need more, and hadn’t been able to find them. But surprise, surprise, I had enough left for two flowers. Perfect!


I’ve kinda surprised myself by jumping into more of these so quickly. When I finish a major project, I’m usually ready to jump into something completely different. But these have me hooked, at least for the moment.


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  1. Great! Your F was super awesome. Will these new letters spell something or be gifts for people? How’d you choose the letters?

    • The “F” is for my DIL – same last name as me. The “S” is for my daughter, based on her last name. The “H” and the “B” are for Hannah and Bea. Now Josh has ordered a camo one that says Army, so Alexis will need one, too. So 6 more, not just 4! Heeheehee!


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