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I’m Sensing a Pattern Here

It suddenly occurred to me that my diversity of creative pursuits have a common theme – Mixed Media.

I always thought of “mixed media” being a painting term. Prior to painting, I’d never heard it.

But, in truth, mixed media applies to any art form that uses different types of elements in creating a piece of art.

When I began painting, my use of a mixture of elements was just a continuation of what I was already doing with my scrapbooking, once I began using more than just paper to create my pages.


Then, my painting followed suit. From the very beginning, I always used more than one medium, from the very first piece. Oh, my. I was so proud of my first effort!

1st painting

(I know, pretty sad…)

I did improve some, but jeez, you can only use so many canvases. Once I had a pretty big stack I figured I had to stop.




Next up was the Mary Francis “look-alike” purse for Bea. Yet again, “mixed-media” wonderfulness.


And now, mosaics. Not just tiles for me. I like mixing it up with beads and other elements.


STILL not done, and it will have glued-on dimensional elements once all the grouting is completed.

Anyway, I guess I have a style, huh? Do you?

About tatterednworn

I am a woman who has committed to living a creative life.

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  1. I read recently that creative people must give themselves permission to try a bunch of different things. We are def doing that!


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