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Woohoo! It’s Grout Time!

We headed into town yet again, and THIS time headed straight for the thrift shop to find the last piece of pottery I need for my big “F”. I was afraid it would never get to the top of the list, but it finally did. And I hit the motherlode. I found several plates and other ceramic pieces that were cheap enough that I won’t feel terrible smashing them to smithereens. AND, I actually picked up a few pieces for future projects!


The bowl I thought would work turned out to be too bright, but a plate I’d picked up with no specific thing in mind, was just right. A few more hours of smashing and cutting and gluing, and a night of drying, and I was ready to grout.


And the fear set in. What if, after all these hours of adhering tiles and embellishments, I wreck it? Well. I didn’t really have a choice. I had to move ahead, or else relegate the whole project to the pile of unfinished projects, and I wasn’t about to let that that happen. So, I put on my big girl panties and dove in.

I’d watched a youtube video on doing mosaics (so that made me an expert!) but I quickly figured out that the spaces between my tiles would be too hard to fill using the traditional method. I found a plastic squeeze bottle, made up a thinned version of the grout, poured it in, and gently squeezed it into the spaces. And it worked! Real quickly I could see how the finished project was going to look and I was thrilled!

A few hours over 2 days and the majority of the top surface is done, just a few touch ups remain, and then the sides.







I thought the grouting was going to go even more slowly than sticking the tiles on, but it’s really going pretty quickly. And the grout seems to be pretty forgiving. If I get too much on and it bleeds onto the tiles, it wipes off easily, and if I don’t get enough, I can come back and fill in later. Even little bubbles are pretty easy to work with.

I can hardly wait to finish the grout and glue the dimensional elements on. It’s going to be BEAUTIFUL!!!

And lest you think I was worrying about what my next mosaic project would be, my daughter and eldest granddaughters have let it be known they would not be opposed to owning a Gaga original, so we’ve begun shopping for cool beads already! This is NOT part of the “ignite” plan!



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